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We groom both Dogs and Cats!

When we're done, you'll be happy! Your pet will be too! 

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Welcome To Park N Bark

Avoid the stress and inconvenience of taking your pet to a shop. Park N Bark Mobile Pet Grooming will come to your home or business and groom your pet in a fully equipped van.
Park N Bark Mobile Pet Grooming specializes in difficult pets that have a hard time in shops due to many behavioral problems. Your pet won’t have to sit in a cage stressing for several hours without food or water and most grooming takes less than 1 hour to complete.

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  • Are you tired of driving your pet to and from the groomer and then waiting up to 4 hours or more for them to be groomed?
  • Do you want the SAME GROOMER to take care of your pet each time?
  • Are you tired of dirtying your car taking your dog to the shop?
  • Do you want a groomer that uses FRESH water to bathe your pet; not dirty "grey" water like most mobile salons?
  • Before you call a traditional pet grooming service, contact us and learn why Park N Bark Mobile Pet Grooming is right for you and your family pet.

Park N Bark Mobile Pet Grooming knows how to carefully pamper your pets. We are full service Mobile pet groomers. We come to you and your pet. No matter what size your dog is or how long your cats hair. We bathe and brush and pluck and clip.


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